Casali Group

Founded by Tom Murray in 1990, Casali Group provides project management/owner’s representative services to a diverse array of clients and projects. We have no professed market niche, but the client profile has been heavily institutional and non-profit in nature. Over the last 20 years, driven by increasingly more complex projects and market opportunities, the breadth of services offered has deepened. Casali offers top-notch Owner’s Project Management services, along with expertise in architecture and interior design, community relations, development, construction logistics and graphics. Architectural services were the first menu addition added in 1997. The menu is a la carte, tailored to specific project needs and client preferences.

We bring a savvy exuberance to whatever mission we are charged with. We have a high rate of success and a commensurate high rate of repeat clients. We don’t mind small projects or short- term assignments and we are comfortable leading the team or supporting others. Knowledge about multiple disciplines – understanding others – is central to our professional tenet.

Tom Murray

President, Casali

Tom Murray, President, CasaliTom is a local product from Natick, MA, with a B.A. in Government in 1981 from Harvard College. After a brief pro ice hockey stint in Amsterdam, he took a position with Harvard Real Estate managing construction contracts, attending the Boston Architectural Center along the way with visions of an architectural degree. The 1980’s brought a resurgent real estate market and the realization that Tom’s skills were better applied to project management (architecture was limiting, he can’t draw for a lick, better with words and numbers and critical thinking), so in 1986 Tom moved to Claremont Corporation on Federal Street in Boston as Vice President for Development, managing commercial and housing construction projects.
In 1990 Tom decided he preferred clients to bosses and founded Casali Group, named after his mother Chickie who passed in 1989. Lessons from Chickie are central to Tom’s style: hard work, patience, creativity, empathy, and accountability. She is sorely missed.

Interests: literature, movies, squash, jazz, and punk rock.
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